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Photo Credit: Organic Photography

Photo Credit:
Organic Photography

Brewster Oysters, "Eastside," is proudly owned by Brian P. Daley and family.  Born and raised in Brewster, Brian grew up appreciating the natural beauty of the Cape.  A builder by trade (as is his father, Paul) Brian loves to be out on the sparkling flats with his daughters, who truly make it a family business. In the late 1980's, he started working with the late Chip Ellis, who jump started the Brewster oyster industry with his company, Brewster Flats Aquaculture.  Brian fell in love with being an "oysterman" and was thrilled when Chip offered him an acre of land to start his own business.  At low tide, you can find Brian, and his daughters working hard on the flats but they are always willing to stop and educate curious onlookers.

About Brewster Oysters Aquaculture

We start our oysters,  Crassostrea virginica  or American oyster, from small seed or "spat."  The seed is only 3-5 mm.  Because the Cape Cod Bay  environment is unsuitable for oysters to grow unassisted (they need things to cling to) we put them in mesh bags and trays that are anchored to the bay floor.  They then slowly grow while filter feeding on phytoplankton that come with each rising tide. It takes about 3 years for an oyster to mature but amazingly enough, their life span is 20 years!

As the oysters grow bigger, they are transfer to larger mesh bags and cages until they reach 85-90mm. Brewster oysters acquire they distinctive taste due to the variations in the salinity and minerals in the crystal clear waters of Cape Cod Bay. 

When can you harvest and eat oysters? Well, the saying goes, oysters are best in months that have an "R" in them. But we like to say, "there is always an R in Brewster!"

Please visit our Restaurant and Fish Market page to find out where you can buy Brewster Eastside Oysters.  See you on the flats!



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